Print / Flow Wrap

Print / Flow Wrap

Print / Flow Wrap

Polyprint Packaging offers a diverse selection of plastic shrink and bundle wrap films, including options for high clarity and low slip. These films are suitable for a wide range of applications, providing effective packaging solutions for your needs.

Our stock includes a range of high-quality flow wraps tailored for the mailing and print industry. Additionally, we offer customizable solutions with optional printing, allowing you to personalize the wrap to your specific requirements.

Key features of our plastic shrink and bundle wrap films:

  1. Versatility: Our films are designed to cater to various applications, providing reliable packaging solutions for different industries and purposes.

  2. High Clarity: We offer high-clarity films that allow for excellent visibility of the packaged items, enhancing product presentation and aesthetics.

  3. Low Slip: Some of our films come with low-slip properties, ensuring that the wrapped items stay securely in place during transit or storage.

For the mailing and print industry, our stock-flow wraps provide efficient and convenient packaging solutions. Whether you need to wrap magazines, catalogs, or other printed materials, our wraps are designed to meet your specific requirements.

At Polyprint, we take pride in manufacturing our plastic wrap products in New Zealand, ensuring exceptional quality and supporting local businesses.