How we do it

Experience the Polyprint difference for yourself.


With a combined wealth of experience, we have built a thriving business dedicated to fulfilling the wide and varied packaging needs of New Zealand customers.


We regularly invest in the latest equipment to produce our high quality packaging products as efficiently as possible.



Reusable Source Materials

We are always reevaluating every aspect of our organisation to operate in the most environmentally responsible way possible for the good of our country and environment.
We use Polymer Processing Ltd to recycle our plain, coloured and printed LDPE soft plastics so this may be an option for you to look into (they generally only accept large volumes and the product must be clean and dry).  Let us know if this is something your company wishes to pursue and we will give you contact information.



High-quality large volume production printing runs effectively with the right mix of equipment, process, and skilled operator’s. Our printing presses in both Auckland and Tauranga provide the requirements for quality, fast turnaround, and long-term reliability.


With dual manufacturing plants in Auckland and Tauranga, we have the ability to produce and distribute packaging throughout New Zealand to order quickly and efficiently without the delays overseas manufacturers contend with. You can rely on Polyprint Packaging for greater confidence in supply.