Food Grade Packaging

Food Grade Packaging

Food Grade Packaging

Polyprint Packaging specializes in providing food grade plastic bags and liners that are specifically designed and approved for food packaging purposes. Our products are fully recyclable under the soft plastics recycling code 4, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to packaging.

With our HACCP certification and compliance with USFDA and EU specifications, you can trust that our food grade packaging meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

We offer a diverse range of food grade plastic bags and liners to cater to various needs in the food industry, including:

  1. Bread Bags: Keep your bread fresh and protected with our high-quality bread bags, designed to preserve flavor and texture.

  2. Ice Bags: Our ice bags are carefully crafted to provide reliable containment and protection for ice cubes or crushed ice, ideal for both commercial and household use.

  3. Wicketed or Loose Bags: Choose from our convenient wicketed bags or loose bags to meet your packaging requirements. We offer flexible options to suit your operational preferences.

  4. Gusseted Bags / Liners: Our gusseted bags and liners provide extra capacity and versatility for storing and transporting bulk food items or ingredients.

  5. Freezer Grade Film: Our freezer grade film offers excellent resistance to low temperatures, providing reliable protection for frozen food items.

  6. Bait Bags: Safely store and transport bait with our specialized bait bags, designed to maintain freshness and prevent odors.

  7. Carton Liners: Keep your cartons clean and protected with our durable carton liners, providing an extra layer of defense against contamination.

We are committed to meeting the unique needs of the food industry, and our comprehensive range of food grade packaging solutions reflects this dedication. Contact us now to explore our full range of bags and services tailored specifically for the food industry.